About Us

The South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District is proud of its Plant and the staff who operate it. The Plant is able to run effectively and efficiently everyday, resulting in high-quality wastewater treatment. The District maintains a good working relationship with the EPA, State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards and is meeting its wastewater discharge requirements.


The District operators perform a variety of skilled tasks.

These tasks include:

  • Welding,
  • Electrical work,
  • Fabrication of parts, and
  • Other cost-reducing and plant-enhancing activities.

The District is specifically responsible for nearly nine (9) miles of trunk main and sewer lines from the Cities of Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, and the Oceano Community Services District. District employees are on duty protecting your health and safety by ensuring that the sewer system operates efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The District remains cognizant of three basic principles when approaching a new technology that may improve plant effectiveness:

  1. The District looks to save District funds by empowering staff to be creative and innovative in solutions to problems.
  2. The District looks to save District funds by maintaining the physical plant on a regular basis, completing projects as needed and proactively.
  3. The District has adopted purchasing policies and procedures that are reviewed during each budget cycle. These policies provide for the competitive bidding procedures and establish purchasing thresholds for buying equipment, supplies and services.

Specifically, this approach has allowed costs to its customers to remain minimal.

By solving today’s challenges using new technologies, the District is capable of continuing its long history of meeting its water pollution control objectives and its waste discharge requirements.The District continues to learn from its past and continues to move forward with today’s innovations which are based upon sound science and engineering. This brings solutions to the challenges we face concerning the best technology for wastewater treatment which will carry us into the future.

We are very proud of the job we do and take pride in providing our customers with quality service and sound technology.