Wastewater Treatment Service Charge FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Changes to Wastewater Treatment Service Charges
June 2021

1. What Areas Are Affected By The Change in Billing?

Properties within the service areas of the Cities of Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach.

2. What Is Going to Be Placed On The Property Tax Bill?

The charges that are paid monthly as part of your Utility Bill from the City identified as the Sanitation District Wastewater charges are being placed on the tax rolls. These amounts will be payable with your regular County Property Tax Bill beginning November 2021 and February 2022.

The Fiscal Year charges covering the period of service from July 1 to June 30 each year.

4. What About the Bill From January 19, 2021 to June 30, 2021?

That bill is not part of the changes to the tax roll and must be paid as previous bills.

5. Who has been sending the bills?

The Sanitation District Wastewater charges have been invoiced by the City of Arroyo Grande and the City of Grover Beach as a part of your monthly Utility Bill.

6. Will this change how the Sanitary District calculates the Wastewater charge?

No. Nothing in the methodology or the dollar amount of the Wastewater charge changes. This is just changing the method of collection from direct billing to County of San Luis Obispo tax roll collection.

7. Why change billing methods?

The change in billing methods would stabilize revenue for the Sanitation District in the following ways.

  1. San Luis Obispo County apportions funds to the Sanitation District on a consistent schedule following the tax bill installment dates.
  2. The County accepts the Wastewater charges on the Teeter Plan, resulting in 100% revenue collection for the Sanitation District.
  3. This is a more cost effect method of billing and will save on overhead costs allowing more of the revenue to be utilized for services and infrastructure.