Our Commitment to Public Health

Environmental Design

Starting with above-ground fuel storage tanks, every aspect of the District’s wastewater treatment plant was built with environmental impact in mind. The treatment process itself is designed to eliminate ammonia, and reduce phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater effluent. The biosolids recycling program takes the strain off of landfills and provides residents with a free high-quality soil amendment.


The District welcomes visits by students and other groups to demonstrate how an environmentally-friendly plant operates.

Working with Homeowners and Businesses

While the District is not responsible for private sewer lines and hookups, they offer to check sewer stoppages to determine if the problem is in a privately owned property lateral, Member Agency or District-owned pipes. The District provides consultation on correcting problems.

Environmentally-friendly Construction

The District uses environmentally-responsible practices in every construction project. Cured-in-place pipe is a way of repairing aging sewer pipes without trench style excavation. A proactive maintenance schedule keeps miles of pipeline in good condition, preventing environmental damage.